Renault Ross, Founder/CEO
A business leader and veteran in Information Technology, Renault quickly identified the talent gaps in Cybersecurity and social skills which led him to spearhead efforts to bring solutions through training & development programs.  His passion to help others obtain the necessary skills and talents to succeed contribute to the daily success of Global RNSC Technology & Life Skills Academy.
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Grace Caudill, Treasurer

Grace is responsible for setting financial policies and systems for Global RNSC to ensure longevity and solvency. Grace brings a wealth of knowledge and skill regarding financial and budgetary responsibilities through more than 20 years of experience in information security and network systems.  She spearheads all efforts of financial management, including, but not limited to, budgetary planning and procurement, as well as working with our donor community through fundraising efforts.

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Chris DAmico, Secretary

As a Systems Engineer with more than 30 years experience in Information Technology, Chris brings exceptional automation and organizational talent.  His technical ability coupled with his knowledge of building and growing companies better positions Global RNSC for success in the Cybersecurity field.

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T. Charles White, Advisor/Consultant

T. Charles provides consultative strategic program advisory to support The Global RNSC training platform.  This includes all aspects of our program supply chain of 3rd party services from solution recommendations, evaluation and testing.  Mr. White also serves as a trainer, mentor and coach helping to ensure the overall vision of the program is accomplished.

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