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Renault is the former Distinguished Engineer has served as the Chief Cybersecurity Business Strategist for North America for a Fortune 500 company. In this role, Renault lead information security and privacy thought-leadership discussions and strategies in the public and private sector.

Renault Ross, Founder/CEO
A business leader and veteran in Information Technology, Renault quickly identified the talent gaps in Cybersecurity and social skills which led him to spearhead efforts to bring solutions through training & development programs.  His passion to help others obtain the necessary skills and talents to succeed contribute to the daily success of Global RNSC Technology & Life Skills Academy.
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Mr. Brown supports the organization as a mentor, coach, conference moderator and community activist for change in alignment to the organization’s mission.


Herman Brown, Treasurer/CIO
Mr. Brown Jr. is a seasoned IT professional who serves as the first African American CIO for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. With over 30 years of combined successful experience working across various lines of business, including DOD, manufacturing, healthcare, software development, advertising, and local government.

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Chris has been in the Information Technology field for over 30 years holding various positions in management, architecture, and support.  He currently works as a Lead Infrastructure Engineer for a Fortune 500 company focusing on Systems Management, Operations Management, and Cloud technologies.

Chris DAmico, Secretary

As a Systems Engineer with more than 30 years experience in Information Technology, Chris brings exceptional automation and organizational talent.  His technical ability coupled with his knowledge of building and growing companies better positions Global RNSC for success in the Cybersecurity field.

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Emmy Award Winning Producer/Editor

Megan Imbert

Megan Imbert, Advisory Marketing Leader

Megan is a dynamic, results-driven marketing manager responsible for growing brand awareness, thought leadership and revenue in highly competitive markets. Tenacious cultivator of stakeholder relationships.

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Jaylyn is a successful alumni who advocates and speaks on behalf of the organization at venues, events, and media opportunities 

Jaylyn Maddox
Jaylyn Maddox

Jaylyn is a Sales Territory Account Executive at Softchoice, a leading technology solutions provider in North America. 

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