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Our global mission is to serve through our workforce & social development programs building a sustainable pipeline of talented skilled resources, equipped with entrepreneurship, wealth management & overall social impact. Our three pillars are: Tech | Finance | Life Skills 

What is Tell-Another-Guy or Girl?

TAG is a personal development program to help you GROW, DEVELOP, & EXPAND by aligning gender specific like-minded individual into cohorts. 

The cohorts act as an accountability group while growing in a holistic matter across five growth areas simultaneously with small projects, tasks and assignments to be completed within a specified period.  See areas are below: 

Program Details ​

Who can join the program? Anyone open & committed to personal development with a heart to pay it forward to mentor others with what they learn


1, How long is the program? The program is 30-34 weeks 

2, When does the program starts? Every Janurary 

3. When do we meet as a cohort? Women meet every 2nd Saturday in-person and Sundays to discuss goals. The men meet the 3rd weekend in a similar fashion  


Faith & Community:

Foundational to our lives of spiritual growth, also to serve the needs of others.

Finance and leadership.jpeg

Finance & Leadership: 

Mastering investments, wealth building & building influence is a key skill 

Fitnees wellnes.jpeg

Fitness & Wellness:

Physical vitality is essential for our bodies, mind and mental attitudes.


Family & Friends:  

Spending time with Family & Friends. who’ve been the cornerstone of our success 

Fun & Hobbies: 

Lastly, recharging our batteries with goal-oriented hobbies that stretch us, yet fun 
All Individuals that successfully complete the program will be certified as man or women of TAG through RNSC Tech & Life Skills Academy, 501(3) nonprofit, certified registrant of the Georgia’s nonpublic postsecondary education commission. 

Below are the applications we used the manage the program. 

"More people spend more money on the outside of their head instead of the inside of their head and wondering why they're not getting ahead"

-Renault Ross

Monday-Com-Logo-PNG1_edited.png is a project management platform that will be used as your syllabus of activities to complete required tasks, projects and activities. You will be required to update your status (i.e. In-Progress or Completed) in the column under your name. 



This is our Communication & Collaboration platform that will be used as your way to share information with the group under our specific channel associated with channel: TAG (he/him) or TAG (she/her).  



Everyone is encouraged to download an audiobook program; this is a recommended inexpensive program to listen to unlimited audiobooks for $12 per month

⦁    WHAT IS OUR ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM?                                                               

Everyone is assigned to a group (i.e.  A, B or C). board will include group assignment.  Each group serves as your accountability team with one AC (accountability coach) to ensure your group is on track, establish a smaller community of collaboration with the TAG and to offer support and encouragement.  

Wisdom E-Mini-Books Library 

Toggle to the right to see the full E-Mini-Books collection.

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